About the Conference

Join us at the largest RFID conference in the Nordics!


This year’s topic:

How to digitalize your enterprise by the use of
Automatic Identification and Data Capture


* Gain insights into the latest trends and developments within RFID and IoT

* Get hands-on knowledge on how to utilize these technologies to improve your own products, services and businesses

* Get inspiration from companies at the forefront of the use of smart technologies in Scandinavia on how to successfully transform your company to an intelligent enterprise

* Meet visionary first mover companies and experts within RFID and IoT


IoT reaches out to touch Anything, Anywhere – it’s not just about connecting devices to the Internet. It’s about how everyday things are becoming a part of a connected world. In fact, as the IoT reaches critical mass, the majority of networked objects will be wirelessly connected via passive, low-cost RFID technology, sensors and other data gathering technologies.


Smart tracking and tracing technologies (wireless identification including RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, ZigBee, LoRaNet) are already used to increase revenue, reduce waste and prevent fraud, and, not least, to create new business opportunities across industries. Providing transparency enables your organization to make better decisions – to be an intelligent enterprise.


The event is our 10’th consecutive annual conference. It’s the largest RFID conference in the Nordics, and it’s a great networking opportunity;


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Registration is due to the Covid-19 situation closed until we have decided a way forward
Contact: Henrik@granau.net



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The Agenda

Information of the presentations will be updated continously – and the agenda may be subject to change

Arrival, registration and coffee from 8:30

Welcome and Introduction

By RFID i Danmark and IT University

With greater focus on the need to have inventory visibility to support omnichannel fulfilment, as well as the potential use of RFID in a frictionless store format, we will examine whether RFID in retail is about to take a significant shift.


Understand the full picture of the RFID industry in this keynote presentation.
The presentation will cover current adoption of RFID across UHF and HF/HFC, quantified by each key application.
The largest applications today will be assessed.
Key growth sectors will be identified and trends by application and geography covered.

The keynote presentation will also assess technology advances that will aid growth of the RFID industry, for both tags and readers.
Analysis of which companies have been successful and why will be provided.

This presentation will present data and know-how and developed by IDTechEx over 20 years on the RFID industry.


On behalf of the RFID i Danmark Network, Henrik Granau will be giving his status on AIDC.


In an introduction to the Exhibition we will get 'teasers' and invites from each of the Exhibitors in their '30 seconds Elevator Pitch'.

The Exhibitors

The primary key to successful customer partnerships in the textile rental business is stock management.

The textile rental business is reliant on a high level of circulation of the invested stocks. Textiles that are delivered clean day 1 are used and becomes raw materials on day 7. Therefore it is of great importance that overstocking is prevented by a high level of security in deliveries and by knowledge of rotation patterns.

Berendsen started the journey of knowing the whereabouts of our textiles several years ago in the garment industry, and has since the maturing of the UHF technology been expanding our usage of RFID into high volume products like table linen, napkins and kitchen towels.

The ultimate key success point has been to generate value for our customers with the advantages that the new technology provides.


Samsøe Samsøe, an international brand rooted in Scandinavian simplicity, started its RFID Journey in 2016 and is now in 2020 benefitting from it.

Tommy Nimand, CFO at Samsøe Samsøe, has been the key driver in this Journey, and in the keynote he will share his experiences with us;
Why did Samsøe Samsøe start with RFID?
What did they expect to achieve?
How did they approach RFID?
How did they prepare for the roll-out?
Did everything work as planned?
Have Samsøe Samsøe achieved what they expected?
What are the lessons learned and what will the next steps be?

This is a unique opportunity to learn from an experienced user of RFID - don't miss it!


RFID i Danmark and co-organizers

By RFID i Danmark and DANSK IT
still working on the program ....

With growing demands from consumers and lawmakers, the food sector and retail industry are faced
with new challenges that cannot be met by yesterday’s technology.

On this break-out session on Food Safety & Fighting Food Waste, you will be presented with two
technology-cases seeking to strengthen the Danish industry in achieving better traceability,
sustainability and safety.

The session is moderated by Mads Kibsgaard from GS1 Denmark, who will also talk about the role of
global standards as the “glue” which binds together traceability and supply chains alike.


RFID & IoT trade show

Activities include:

  • Ask the experts
  • See RFID technology in action
  • Meet the keynote speakers
  • Learn more about the RFID i Danmark Network
  • Learn more about the AIM Global Network
  • Learn more about the GS1 Network
  • Meet the products and solutions providers at the booths

  • The Exhibition

    Experience the latest trends and technologies within
    “Automatic Identification and Data Capture”


    At this year’s trade show you can find RFID/Bluetooth/WiFi/….

    – as well as Readers/Scanners, Tags/SmartCards, Software, Solutions ……

    You can also see demonstrations, ask the experts, meet the keynote speakers, and get a chance to become a part of our strong RFID i Danmark Network.


    The following exhibitors have already signed up for the Conference:



    Registration is closed due to the Covid-19 situation.